Govt. Lic. No. 698/063/064

Regal Overseas
Manpower Agency

Message From MD

We at ROMA......
              are proud to introduce ourselves as the most professional overseas recruitment agencies and HR consultants Nepal. We have a track record of recruiting thousands of management professionals, technical and non technical personnel, skilled, semi-skilled and un-skilled workers for corporate giants in the Gulf, Middle East and other countries.


               We specialize in providing manpower recruitment services and placement consultancy services in Nepal that are scalable and cost-effective. Our manpower  recruitment agency is positioned to provide complete staffing solutions to a variety of organizations engaged in multifarious actives.

The Benefits of ROMA…………

Rapid access to the best candidates:
                 By working with ROMA…………, you will gain access to the largest possible pool of available candidates due to our long-standing prominence in the market, regular media presence, and a fully searchable database of over …………quality candidates. We also tend to attract the widest range of talent available. This drastically increases your chances of finding the outstanding candidate your company wants and needs.

A time-efficient, cost-effective solution            
            An unfilled vacancy is a problem that can unbalance an entire department or company. Opportunities might be missed, plans delayed, or other personnel diverted from important tasks of their own. It can also contribute to management stress and overstretch. In short, protracted recruitment can cost your company money. Our recruitment expertise and infrastructure can help you find the right candidate faster. In addition, we will save you further valuable time by pre-screening candidates and arranging interviews on your behalf. We will always work with you to get a comprehensive job brief, in order to ensure a smooth and successful recruitment process.



A large and experienced recruitment team

  • Our greatest strength is the people who work with us. We carefully train and support our staff to ensure that you enjoy a high standard of attention and service.
You only pay for success
  • Our fees are charged on a success-only basis.

Deep Rai
Managing Director