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Placing the Nepalese competence in the world map

Nepal’s wealth of human resources puts it in an enviable position. Specially because the quality of the resources available is very high. That there is a perennial demand for qualified and able Nepalese, irrespective of socio-political factors, is of no surprise.The Government of  Nepal has realized the multiple advantages in meetings this demand. More Nepalese working abroad would mean greater inflow of foreign exchange, improvement in the quality of life of the families and a step towards solving ever-growing unemployment problem. Also there is a large number of Nepalses aspiring to work abroad.

The ROMA………….was thus incorporated in ……….. The chief objective being promoting employment of  Nepalese manpower in foreign countries. Since incorporation, ROMA has widened its scope to :

1.     Function as recruiting agent of Nepalese manpower for Employment abroad.

2.     Sell tickets, on behalf of any or all foreign organizations providing air travels and transport service.

3.     Provide Accident and Health Insurance coverage .

4.     Provide foreign exchange for persons recruited abroad for employment and for persons for traveling abroad.